The group Lightweight Structures Dynamics is composed by researchers from different specialities all focused on the behavior of structures in dynamic regime. Different experimental methodologies for conducting complex impact tests at high and medium speed have been developed. Likewise, the group has extensive experience in performing models for materials under high strain rates, and developing simple analytical models for modeling impact phenomena. Research projects with both public and private funding are carried out, having worked with major companies mainly in the aeronautics sector, such as Airbus, Aernnova, ITP, etc. ... In addition to this activity, the group disseminates its findings through research articles in various indexed journals, as well as scientific conferences, mainly international.


Impact performance on industrial scalable graphene reinforcement composites

R. del Cuvillo, J.A. Artero-Guerrero, J. Pernas-Sánchez, J. López-Puente

Aerospace Science and Technology, 2023, p. 108480

Experimental study of off-axis compression behaviour in dynamic loading: The open hole effect

J.M. Rodríguez-Sereno, J. Pernas-Sánchez, J.A. Artero-Guerrero, J. López-Puente, B. Lukić

Composites Part A: Applied Science and Manufacturing, vol. 173, 2023, p. 107653

Detection of barely visible multi-impact damage on carbon/epoxy composite plates using frequency response function correlation analysis

Manuel Cuadrado, Jesús Pernas-Sánchez, José Alfonso Artero-Guerrero, David Varas

Measurement, vol. 196, 2022, p. 111194

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The LSDG is involve in unveil the capability of Graphene relate materials of improvement in CFRP materials for impact protection application. More information: jartero_at_ing.uc3m.es


The aim of BEDYN project is to address a methodology (including innovative tests, measurements, and analysis methods) to properly characterize the dynamic behaviour up to rupture of composite structures submitted to a dynamic loading.

Auxetic Protection

In the Auxetic project, LSDG are development a new family of 3D lattice auxetic protection for impact , using the latest 3D printing technology. More information: dvaras_at_ing.uc3m.es

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Continuum Mechanics and Structural Analysis

Universidad Carlos III de Madrid


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