Lightweight Structure Dynamics Group


Element CROR

Element Cror aims to solve the requirements of protection of the new design aircraft motors (open rotor) for the plane of the future using innovative solutions for fuselage protection. For more information contact with


The LSDG is involve in unveil the capability of Graphene relate materials of improvement in CFRP materials for impact protection application. More information:

Auxetic Protection

In the Auxetic project, LSDG are development a new family of 3D lattice auxetic protection for impact , using the latest 3D printing technology. More information:

UNION (Ultrasonic and iNductIve nOn destructive testiNg for thermoplastic CFRP)

Inspección no destructiva mediante campos electromagnéticos en CFRP. El empleo de matrices termoplásticas permiten proponer nuevos procesos de fabricación, soldadura por inducción y inspección inspección no destructiva por EM.


The aim of BEDYN project is to address a methodology (including innovative tests, measurements, and analysis methods) to properly characterize the dynamic behaviour up to rupture of composite structures submitted to a dynamic loading.


The aim of RetoRenovable project is to study the feasibility of new receiver designs made up of tubes of different geometries and asymmetrical properties (Functionally Graded Materials)