Abaqus Installation

January 25, 2022

This is a step by step abaqus installation for 2019 version for Students at Uc3m.
 (by: Andres Montoya)
Step 1:
Download all the compressed files a unzip all in the same folder (ask for the link to your  tutor).
Remember that you only have access with the user account from the Uc3m

Example of the downloaded files
Step 2:

Install and configure  the VPN of Uc3m in your computer
 Step 3:
Install Abaqus:
  1.  In unzipped folder 1, execute setup.exe
  2.  Select: Abaqus Simulation Services, Abaqus Simulation Services CAAAPI, y Abaqus/CAE
  3. Select the folder to install, it is recommended use the default folder (C:\Program Files\Dassault Systemes\SimulationServices\V6R2019x)
  4. Components to install:
  5. Once the installation of Abaqus Simulation Services is completed, the installer will proceed to do the same for Abaqus Simulation Services CAAAPI: The working directory is left as default, and all CAAAPI components are kept selected (as before).
  6. Finally Abaqus CAE will be installed, leave the default installation directory as follows
  7. When prompted for the license server, select the DSLS option. In the next window, under License Server 1, enter the server address that your teacher gives to you.
  8. Continue, A brief summary will be shown and the installation of Abaqus CAE will proceed. 

Step 4:
Enjoy and remember to activate your VPN always prior to use Abaqus 


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